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what a great picture

i wish i can take pictures with you all day long^^

what a great picture

i wish i can take pictures with you all day long^^

out of gas.

you are taking me for a wild ride. now i am slowly reaching E in my patient meter. hopefully i can refuel before the friendship of us actually runs out.

man what a ride.

you are taking me for a long ass ride. also this traffic is too crazy. how long are you goign to make me wait? i see you everyday but then we are slowly moving along. how can this be. should i get off earlier or should i keep waiting? all these question cannot be answered at this moment, but lets hope it will.

My day with you.

Today was a long and pressuring class but it went pretty well. i had some good looks at you. ^^ it was all good, it got me going. but then i couldn’t tell you how much it means to me to see you with me in class. it was a fun blast. although night classs took forever. it was great. i wish i can do that everyday. What do you like i would like to know more about you and have you know more about it. Hmm i guess i need to try to get your attention some more. but whatever the case i will start trying. Stage 2 again.. fuck. this is too crazy. i want to be there for you every step of the way. Well this is how life is. one day you would know.

i wish i can tell you about everything. but i truly cant. i am really happy that we get to see eavh other but then there is always something there that makes me feel like i am not the one right now. you are still falling for this guy, and i dont know how to make you notice me even more. i guess time would tell. but thank for everything. i love it when you said you can beat winston! when it comes to sparring. ^^ that made my night

guy meets girl.

this is that one part that can make your mind go nuts. this is that part that makes me go crazy, everyday thinking of how to talk to you or how to text you. seriously why does men always chase. i know i can talk but why cant they open up. i want to talk to you but your mind is always somewhere else. is it that you cant forget that guy. or have you ever consider you as someone special. this just makes me go wild and with the new info i fucken hate it. everything in there is fucked up. this just makes me even more mad! fuck it. should just let everything go. FUCK YOU!

233 , 300  here I come

233 , 300 here I come

So the story is this boy. Is falling for this girl but this girl is too crazy in love for his best friend, the boy seems to be overlooked,most of the time . so the boy asked me what should or can he do ? And I honestly answered nothing, you just got to hope that one day .the girl will notice you and hope that one day she would stand by you , holding your hand .:/

three way? i want to know you some more. but i dont want to act like i am going for you . i cannot Cockblock but i feel like you just knowing. i guess nothing is wrong with that… well i will see. i see you everyday now… hmmm still dont know you that well. please and please open up your heart and tell me who you are? =/